Data Center Modernization with VMware Cloud on AWS

Businesses are facing many challenges as they adapt and respond to the rapid evolution of modern business technologies. Among the most critical is deciding how to use the cloud. While many companies know they want to abandon old-fashioned data centers, they are often unsure of what will take their place. Fortunately, cloud solutions and clear paths for modernization are opening up new flexible, cost-effective options for getting to the cloud.

When considering how to transition traditional data centers to total cloud usage, there are steps that should be taken to avoid migration issues and unforeseen roadblocks, even if it extends the timeline. Instead of trying to rush to the finish line while ignoring the road, we help our customers closely evaluate their options to unlock the promise of cloud. 

One of the best ways to leave data centers behind while minimizing potential business impact to the greatest extent possible is VMware Cloud on AWS – a solution that allows you to start migrating non-cloud applications without moving everything at once or taking systems offline. 

Why Fast Tracking the Cloud is Not Worth the Challenges

Intrigued by the benefits of the cloud, companies may try to make a move before they realize the true undertaking of cloud migration. Though it unlocks additional business value, the process of cloud migration can be more complicated than expected.

For example, taking applications and operations from a traditional setting and moving them to the cloud often requires taking systems offline to complete the detailed transition. For some businesses, any downtime is unacceptable, which means internal teams cannot do the needed work for a cloud migration. 

Companies with Disaster Recovery (DR) requirements have a particularly hard time taking apps down for migration as the systems must be ready to respond 24/7/365. There is no acceptable time for a nationwide bank or emergency service to be offline, so teams are under incredible pressure to make changes quickly and without error. Tricky, time-limited situations can create roadblocks. If internal IT teams don’t have the time they need, it leads to tension and conflict when there are other options that can ease the situation. 

Common problems with rushing a cloud migration:

  • Significant application development work: Attempting to quickly transition one system to another puts additional strain on your engineers and developers.
  • Out of support operating systems: Legacy systems do not always play nice with new initiatives, and you risk system crashes or dealing with unnecessary security vulnerabilities.
  • Overall time to value: Moving to the cloud can take 12+ months, and a business may leap from data center to cloud too hastily – or they’ll decide they’re not ready and re-up their contract, which leaves them potentially stuck in a less than ideal position.

For some businesses, any downtime is unacceptable, which means internal teams cannot do the needed work for a cloud migration. 

The Solution: VMware Cloud on AWS

Businesses too often look past modernization options that might better suit what they want to accomplish and are more accessible to set up. VMware Cloud for AWS provides flexibility and a path forward without limiting future decisions or increasing risk. 

Every business wants to modernize and stay strong as new technology becomes the norm, but some paths are more challenging to complete than others. VMware Cloud for AWS offers benefits that can address those common problems from above. 

  • Flexibility allows for better progress: Instead of the significant app development work to even begin the transition process, developers can flex their workload up or down and look at each workload individually. 
  • Explore before going live: VMware Cloud on AWS lets teams duplicate existing applications without affecting the live versions, allowing businesses to decide the best path for migration and have everything ready to go before any changes to live services. This is akin to running applications in a “Highly Available” architecture state – offering the choice of where production traffic is directed. 
  • Decrease downtime, increase performance and reliability: When ready, a company can make a well informed, quantitative data backed decision to run production workloads out of VMware Cloud on AWS, knowing that it is more performant, more stable and able to meet the business demands and outcomes. As a result, VMware Cloud on AWS users see 83% less unplanned downtime and 27% improved app performance.
  • Ensure a risk-free transition to production: Running your Disaster Recovery environment on VMware Cloud on AWS prepares a risk-free path to future modernization and access to AWS cloud native services. This step provides confidence as you turn down the data center and convert to production. Read more about how you can address DR challenges with VMware Cloud on AWS here.

VMware Cloud on AWS is an option that businesses should explore as an alternative to sprinting towards the cloud unprepared.

VMware Cloud on AWS offers short-term changes in exchange for long-term results that can set up future avenues. If the cloud is the way forward, VMware Cloud on AWS is a stable path towards the cloud that ultimately gets the ball rolling for decisions down the road while limiting real-time risks. There is no need to rush into all cloud operations when VMware Cloud on AWS lets you take your time and determine the right approach.

As an alternative to sprinting towards the cloud unprepared, VMware Cloud on AWS is an option that businesses should explore – with potential to yield enormous long-term advantages.

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Tom Spalding is Chief Growth Officer at Effectual, Inc.